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2018/03/09 17:52
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Shandong Yahong Plastic Co., Ltd. has many honorary certificates and strong.
  According to the report of June 24th, the price of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the main raw material for the production of plumbing fittings, is about 6,100 yuan per ton. In the second half of this year, the prices of such materials are expected to rise by 20%.
  "From the second half of 2010, PVC prices began to decline, and it is currently at the lowest point in history."Qiang Qingxun, a merchant of Huaqiang plumbing fittings market, said that a series of national regulatory policies on the real estate industry led to a decline in the demand for the construction industry, which is the decline in the prices of such raw materials. The most important reason.
  Gai Qingxun said that the construction industry is the main demand side of plumbing fittings, and the demand is decreasing. Pipe fitting manufacturers will reduce their output and lead to a drop in raw material demand. The prices of raw materials for plumbing fittings represented by PVC will fall.
  "With the construction industry picking up, PVC prices are expected to increase." Gai Qing-houn said that in the second half of this year, PVC and other raw material prices are expected to reach 7,400 yuan / ton, the rate of increase will reach 20%.
  “After the price reaches the lowest level in history, there will be a rebound, which is also normal market conditions.” Gai Qingxun said that although the prices of PVC and other raw materials will rebound, but in the short term will not reach the high price of 11,000 yuan / ton in early 2010.
  Since 2010, the high-end plumbing pipe products represented by PPR's steady-state aluminum-plastic pipes have been manufactured in Linyi. In Lincang, the production technology of such pipes has reached the top of the world.
  According to Huaqiang plumbing fittings market merchant Zhong Jiabin, said PPR steady aluminum plastic pipe, as the current product in the pipe market, in Linyi, this product has achieved local production, local sales.
  “The production of PPR steady-state aluminum-plastic pipes will be highlighted in the market after Linyi realizes local manufacturing.” Zhong Jiabin said that at present, this kind of products has already occupied a considerable market share. With the mature production technology, PPR Steady aluminum-plastic pipes will have more room for market development in Linyi.
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